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The New Detailed KraftGun Review

Kraft gun is also a triangle-shaped massage gun, which is not quite the same as the Theragun, in shape. As a massage gun with unique shape, now let me introduce its specific product information to you.



KraftGun comes with one massage gun host, 4 different massage heads, one adapter, one manual and one storage box. The KraftGun massage host including the head doesn’t weigh more than 2.2lbs. In all the massage gun isn’t a heavy contraption at all.

  • Massage gun host *1        
  • Massage Head *4          
  • Adapter *1          
  • Manual *1          
  • Original Storage Box *1
  • Product Weight: 2.2lbs


The battery that comes with the KraftGun is made of lithium-ion. The battery is charged to full capacity under a voltage of 24V. You don’t have to wait so long for this massage gun to charge to it’s full capacity either because it lasts for 4 hours. It has a great durability designed so you can enjoy the experience.

  • Battery type: Lithium ion
  • Frequency: 30 Hz, 35 Hz, 40 Hz (1st to 3rd speed)
  • Voltage: 24V motor
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours
  • Battery life: 3-4 hours


KraftGun performs at a high level even while being affordable for most people. It is fast with a rotation per minute of 1800 – 2400 rpm. The stall force is 66-80lbs, and one of KraftGun’s best features, its low noise level, is below 65db. The 4 heads of the KraftGun are varied and carry out different functions, what is more, three attachments included, each one geared towards soothing sore muscles and producing the best massage experience.

  • Stroke Length: 16mm
  • Stall Force: 66-80lbs
  • RPM: 1800 – 2400 rpm
  • Noise: below 65db

Different massage heads corresponding functions:

  • Big Ball Massage Head

The big ball massage is the main massage head. It is used for a total body muscle relaxation massage. It can be used on any part of the body for a general massage.

  • Bullet massage Head

This massage head, shaped like a mini bullet is perfect for working on the muscles and tissues in the joint. Its design and semi- pointed heads are perfect for the directing pulses of vibrations into the knee.

  • Flat Head

Just like the rounded head, it is perfect for all parts of the body.

  • U-shaped Head

This U-shaped massage head is good for working on the spine. It is well designed to give your spine the most impactful massage as well as straighten up the kinks in your spinal column.

Introduce of KraftGun

Its battery is in the front handle, so it is easy for the center of gravity to be unstable when holding it, and it is more likely to tilt towards the part with the battery. So this is a point to pay attention to. Black highlights the quality with streamlined shape also very comfortable to use. The light weight of it is about 2.2lbs.

Massage arm adjustable (3 modes so you’ll be able to reach your lower back on your own, ergonomic handle provide a full-body reach without arm fatigue and wrist strain)

Kraft gun Uses 250W brushless 24V motor, not removable battery, definitely in the front part seems like a plastic handle. There are 3 speed modes, first speed is 1800rpm, second speed is 2100rpm, and the last speed is 2400rpm. The Kraftgun is advertised to last between 6-7 hours dependent on the speed setting and pressure being applied. More realistically, the device has an average battery life of between 3-4 hours of regular use. It is recommended that all users fully charge the non-removable battery before their first use.

The battery is Samsung that can be charged once a month. Its stall force is 66lbs, that’s the same force hitting the body as the Theragun G3Pro, not the kind of that  force focuses on the muscles only. After every workout your muscles get a bit contracted (even if you don’t feel it), it’s kind alike having rubber on a hose, it stops the blood from reaching to the muscle. Now there’s not enough blood reaching your muscle, which means not enough oxygen, which means your muscle can’t grow or recover. The solution is to break those knots (get rid of the “rubber”) to exploit the full potential of your growth and recovery. 

Another thing, Kraft is tackling the industry’s biggest problem – damn the noise. Instead of a wiredrawing machine, they used a new brushless motor that can reduce the decibel level from 125 to 65 decibels. This is certainly a big step forward. The Kraftgun is not the loudest, but it is also not the quietest. Advertised as noise-free, it produces a noise in the 65 DB range, which is about halfway between the sound of a vacuum cleaner and a normal conversation. While it is a very quite massager, there are quieter devices that can be found if noise while using it is a large concern.

It has a zipper portable handbag, comes with US/EU/AUS charger (according to the shipping address), a massage gun and 4 attachments – round attachment, flat attachment, fork attachment and cone attachment.

No massage gun is perfect, and neither is Kraft gun. While this is certainly an impressive device, we will make some criticisms. The non-removable battery is a drawback for us because it limits the continuous life of the device. This means that after the device dies, it needs to sit on the charger until the battery is full again. If the battery is mobile, you can replace a fully charged battery with a dead one and continue using it immediately. Two other minor criticisms were that the different attachments were hard to pull out, and that the buttons used to adjust the device’s Angle were clumsy and not smooth enough.

At $369, the Kraft gun isn’t cheap, but it’s not expensive either. Another good thing is that the seller promises you 30 days to return the item and asks for a full refund without any problems.

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