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If you have been inside a gym or physical therapist’s office over a previous couple of years-or scrolled through your feed of Instagram then you have possibly come face-to-face with some massage gun. These popular tools appear like power drills and are designed to aid recovery, reduce soreness and increase range of motion by pleasantly beating your muscles into submission. When the TokFit T2 massage gun came into the market, it was in a class of above other personal massagers on the market. Rather than kneading your muscles with simple and common vibrations, it featured powerful massage therapy, a type of deep soft tissue manipulation. Fundamentally, they punched you. Quickly, following the market, the TokFit now released a modern version of a massage gun with all features a person can need. and the use of this massage gun for recovery appears like a trend and more like a practice with real staying power.
This Massage gun can be utilized as an alternative to the foam roller as a self-myofascial release tool as it benefits containing everything from decreased stress, pain and tissue tension to improve recovery, blood circulation. Also, it can be used it pre-workout to warm up the muscles and post-workout to reduce tightness and soreness.

The 3 most significant things for any massage gun are reliability, noise, and battery life. A massage gun needs to be reliable so while using, it doesn’t start to get malfunction. Also, noise is the next most important factor. It is needed to do massage or while using of machine without yelling at them. You need to be able to use the massage guns in public and having it sound like a power tool would make it not usable. The next important factor is battery life, as it can’t have guns dying in the middle of use. one expects a gun to remain many full days without requiring a charge. You will also desire to be able to throw the gun in your bag or take it on a weekend trip without worrying about finding an outlet. That list of priorities stays mostly the same for at-home use. Reliability is still key for anything to get trust, and it is worth investing in the best brand with high-quality standards rather than a knockoff. Of course, even the good guns leave room for improvement. Some options come with suitable travel cases and charging stands. The dishwasher-safe attachment heads would make for easy cleaning. And, as the market continues to develop and progress, the gun needs to be improved. Fortunately, TokFit T2 massage guns all these important features such as it is highly reliable includes long-lasting battery and it is silent while its use.

TokFit T2 massager is a handheld tool that applies pulses of focused pressure into your muscle tissue. This type of massage can perform well and reduce the tension of the muscles and also improving blood flow and rapidly enhancing range of motion. When it is utilized properly, a massager can reduce your recovery time while providing some pain relief, tension, and soreness that comes certainly from intense different kinds of workouts. The quick pulsations is able to soften stiff muscle tissue, and you can target very sore muscles by operating the surrounding tissue. Ultimately, softening and soothing the surrounding tissue will provide a relaxing, soothing effect on the sore, overworked muscle. several professionals are using TokFit T2 massage gun to reduce pain and discomfort for patients, but you can purchase your own massager to get the same outcomes at the gym or while recovering at house. Scientifically, percussion therapy is a kind of vibration massage therapy. Actually, all percussion massagers can be vibrating massagers all, but not all vibrating massagers can be percussion massagers. It is because, with percussive massagers, percussions are used to make the vibrations. So, when scientists study the impacts of vibration therapy, it contains percussive also. But in the land of marketing, the two are used to speak about two different (but similar) kinds of massage devices.


TokFit T2 massager hammer down on the surface of your body, and it sends vibrational pulses of pressure deep into your muscle tissue. This mimics the rhythmic tapping of massage therapists but cranked up several multiples. This kind of massage is ideal for recovery after an intense workout because of the deep muscle penetration that lets for increased blood flow to the targeted places, which in turn enhances the release of nutrients vital for healing the body. This massager is more superficial because they apply vibrations to the surface of the body. Those vibrations do not carry deep into the tissue, so they are more like a light massage designed to soothe your mind and help you reduce stress and tensions. They also help in relieving pain and general discomfort. One research published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research in 2014 discovered that vibration therapy and massage are both efficient at avoiding delay-onset muscle soreness. Massage was proven more efficient at restoring strength in the muscles, and you can do that at home with a TokFit T2 Massage Gun.

The Benefits of TokFit T2 Massage Gun

The deep muscle stimulation provided by TokFit T2 massager can deliver all of the following benefits:

  • Ease soft tissue pain
  • Release lactic acid
  • Stimulate muscle growth
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Enhance the range of motion rapidly
  • Accelerate muscle recovery
  • Gentle muscle stretch
  • Improve muscle responsiveness

When applied at the right time, the massage can also enhance performance for athletes, and that contains martial artists. An overview of the research related to massage for sports performance discovered that massage is efficient at providing the following benefits:

  • reduce cortisol levels
  • decrease shoulder and low back pain
  • enhance mood and reduce depression
  • Perception of fast recovery time
  • enhance neck extension
  • enhance shoulder abduction

Various kinds of massage were used in studies showing these results, but deep-tissue massage provided from a percussion device may let you get similar results on your own. Some of these benefits were obtained with consistent use of massage over a period of days, weeks or months. If you are not convinced still of the outcomes of massage, a review study conducted in 2018 watch over 21 studies regarding vibration therapy discovered that most of the studies show an increase in minimum one aspect physical performance (muscle activation, power, strength, and range of motion/ flexibility). So, it is not just one or two studies that tell about benefits, there were several.

Thanks to TokFit T2 Massage Gun, because it can provide you all the massage mentioned above decreasing your tensions and other issues. You don’t worry, just get this massager and start using, 100%, it will never disappoint you.


TokFit T2 Massage Gun is highly recommended for this model for you because it contains the most compact design and weighs just a bit more than two pounds. Another advantage is that it can work for a long period of time – up to 8 hours while charging takes very little time i.e. about 2 hours to charge quickly. There are 3 modes, with the lower one giving 1200 percussions per minute and the fastest one providing as many as 3200. The pack contains maximum 6 attachments, one of which is better for large muscle groups such as waist and back of thighs, another is intended for cervical spine, the 3rd one is designed for the deep tissue such as meridian joint palm sole, the 4th one will provide relaxation and plasticity of various body parts, 5th one is used for sensitive body muscle relaxation, and 6th one will deliver you for small areas of back neck and waist. This product is very popular with customers, with almost 90% of them giving it 5 stars. They also point out that the unit works by vibrating rather than hitting, so if you require powerful strokes, this is not the best choice for you. Customers say that applying this massage gun to alleviate muscle tension after workouts or such outdoor activities as hiking.

Speed and Power

One of the things you instantly notice about the TokFit T2 Gun Massager is that it is enough power. You can feel its pressure and percussions. With its up to 3200 RPM, it really feels like your muscles are being medically treated by a professional massage. The intensity can be adjusted. There are 20 speeds, which let you change up the pressure and speed as you need.

Versatility and Portability

The TokFit T2 Massage Gun only weighs 2.2lbs, so it is very lightweight to hold. The handle and design of this massager deliver you stable control when you are moving over the lower back and arms. You can press it in for deeper tension, or you can rapidly move across shoulders and other areas with great ease.

Massage Gun Attachments

The TokFit T2 Massage Gun comes with 6 attachments: spherical head, U-shaped head, cylindrical head, flat head, air cushion head, and wedge head. cone. The attachments are very different from other massagers. This contains the two-pronged interchangeable parts that are good for high-pressure tension relief. Other than the 6 interchangeable attachments, battery, and charger, you won’t get any additional accessories from TokFit T2 Massage Gun.

Battery Life

The battery life is extremely strong on the TokFit T2 Massage Gun which is another huge advantage. You won’t have to fear about re-charging in the middle of your post-workout. This battery will stay up to 8 hours on a single charge and is removable so you can swap another battery in if required. It comes with a powerful 2400mAh battery capacity; the most advanced Lithium-ion batteries of any gun massager device in the market. Its advanced technology giving you over 480 mins (8hrs) of use per charge. It comes with a reusable carry case which lets you carry your massage gun easily and train wherever you go. With its great battery life, you have enough time than ever before to work on those sore muscles.


Unlike the other gun massagers making it far more durable and capable to hold its shape and remain rigid under considerable force. Besides appearance and feeling more premium, it is great at conducting/withstanding heat or high temperature and feels cool to touch. Additionally, its overall ruggedness (high effect, high tensile strength, rigidity) and rust (corrosion) resistance, make it an all-round powerful design you can trust on TokFit T2 Massage Gun.


The other gun massagers promise tranquillity when you are using them, they are nothing compared to what TokFit T2 Massage Gun offers you. TokFit T2 Massage Gun’s 48 decibel sound level makes it an ideal ultra-silent massaging device, with state-of-the-art sound insulation techniques that provide an 80 percent quieter experience for maximum relaxation. You can take this massage gun anywhere you desire without disrupting the therapeutic process.


The TokFit T2 Massage Gun makes use of state-of-the-art, the scientifically-calibrated combination of 12 mm amplitude with a frequency ranging from, between 1200 – 3200 rpm, the important range needed to relieve pain, improve performance, improve range of motion, and accelerate recovery.


No massage gun incorporates your fitness level to the therapeutic process like TokFit T2 Massage Gun. Its powerful Brushless motor has an impressive different speed setting, appropriate for users of all fitness levels, not like the Theragun G3Pro which offers 2 speed modes/2 levels and the Hypervolt which provides 3 speed modes/3 levels, neither comparable to the effectiveness of TokFit T2 Massage Gun’s therapeutic process.

Smart Touch & Smart Glide Technology 

This device utilizes Smart Touch Technology, letting the device to be switched off at any level by just holding down the speed button for 2 seconds. TokFit T2 Massage Gun with the help of top-notch mechanical, industrial, and sound engineers in the industry have also succeeded in incorporating smart glide technology to this massage gun. It includes high-precision mechanics that power TokFit T2 Massage Gun’s functional elements. The outcome is a fully re-engineered motor, made for maximum efficacy and reliability.

Powerful brushless motor

The 35W high-power brushless motor provides strong torque. Coupled with the 3200 rpm high speed, it can make the massage that is able to reach to deep muscle group of 12mm. The price of the TokFit T2 Massage Gun is only $219. If compared to other massage guns on the market, TokFit T2 Massage Gun provides a more safe and scientific massage solution for your body. Moreover, it is not very expensive, so it is a good massage product worth purchasing.

User experience 

The TokFit T2 Massage Gun is ergonomically sound: Flawlessly weighted and ergonomically sound, it is expressly designed to maximize your ease, comfort, and usability, with 0 stress or pressure on forearms, hands, and wrists – whether you are treating yourself or others. Something that other massage guns simply cannot match.

It is one thing to be in the requirement of a TokFit massage gun, it is another thing to obtain the best device that provides optimal results with the best user experience. Sure, there are many products out there, each saying and promising heaven and earth. You might possibly be in limbo about which to go for…which device can operate that magic on your skin and body? which device provides real value for money? If you are yet in doubt about what TokFit t2 Gun Massager brings to the table, then you might want to take a look at how it compares to other percussion massage guns in the market. As mentioned above, this massage gun is one of the finest of massager available in the market. It can provide all features that high-prices devices offer in price that is merely some bucks.

Conclusion and recommendation

The TokFit T2 Massage Gun is definitely brilliant for any top-level athlete or anyone who is physically active and needs therapy and suffers from sore or tight muscles. It retails for $219, approximately. It can be an expensive deal for some but considering the many accessories, attachments and beneficial outcomes you get, makes it a great purchase. It is a high-quality product and you will not get massagers like TokFit T2 Massage Gun with an output of up to 80 lbs of pressure in any other product within the same price range. It is one of the Best Massage Guns available on the Planet.

Massage guns in the market is a matter of what suits better for you. Any massage gun that provides you the outcomes you are looking for and relieves you with muscle pain is your best massage gun. However, some massage guns contain the right balance of everything that the best massage gun should have. So, make sure you do some research on the best massage gun in the market by having a checklist of all the properties you are looking for.

You should ask yourself these questions before you make up your mind:

  • How fast does it work, what are the percussions per minute (PPM or RPM) for the massage gun?
  • How much torque or pounds of pressure can the device apply to the body?
  • Is the cost worth the power and features?
  • Does it appear easy-to-use?

TokFit T2 Massage Gun will be all answers to these questions. Some massage device simply does not sit right in the hand. They may be harder to maneuver. Others will not have many speed settings or lots of pressure to push into muscles when you actually require to get out a tight knot. You should always consider how you plan to utilize a massage gun before buying the best massage gun for yourself.

If you have some budget to buy some massage gun, then the TokFit T2 Massage Gun is one of the best guns out there for massage to your body. There are 6 interchangeable attachments, and it has higher percussions per minute than many other massagers out there. You will be able to rapidly relieve every sore muscle with this tool, even if you have very sensitive areas such as where you might deal with lower back pain.

So, if you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use self-massage device that does the job on virtually any muscle in your body? A TokFit T2 Massage Gun is all you require to soften stiff muscles. You can utilize it to relieve muscle aches, pain, and soreness, speed up muscle recovery and decrease your risk for exercise injuries. A TokFit T2 Massage Gun is a handheld device that provides pulses of pressure that penetrate into muscle tissue. The outcome can be likened to a deep-tissue massage from a masseuse, and it is ideal for workout recovery and to relieve pain caused by muscle tightness. Starting from your neck to your lower back and down to your feet, it can aid you to relieve tension and pain at home or on the go. An excellent deep tissue massager for those who wish to loosen up the muscles before a workout is_ TokFit T2 Massage Gun. Asides from that, the TokFit T2 Massage Gun provides different speed levels. The speeds range from 1200 RPM to 3200 RPM so that you can select the perfect speed for adequate tension relief. TokFit T2 Massage Gun comes with a 2400 mAh rechargeable battery. The batteries can stay for up to 8 hours so that you can get a relaxing massage anywhere and anytime. What is more, you need; this massage gun has an ergonomic aluminum metal alloy. Because of this feature, you can obtain it when seeking for a deep tissue massager that is designed to remain for longer. The silicone grip placed on the unit is soft and easy on the hands, which means that you do not have to care about slips and falls while utilizing the massager machine. TokFit T2 Massage Gun is highly recommended for all types of people who have pains or muscle issues after the different workouts. Just give this massage gun a try and you will never get disappointed after using it.


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