What Can We Do for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)?

During the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), we should try our best not to go out, if there is a special case, you must go out, to wear a mask correctly.

You should also pay attention to hygiene at ordinary times, pay attention to wash hands frequently. Wash your hands the right way to keep the virus away. Open a window frequently to get ventilated breathing freely, use the disinfectant that contains chlorine or it is to use 75% alcohol to wipe door handle, the object surface such as table chair that often contacts every day.

Be careful not to touch wild animals, do not eat wild animals, and cook meat and eggs thoroughly before eating them. You should also pay attention to develop good habits at ordinary times, commonly used tableware should be boiled, or steam disinfection.

Covid-19 is scary, but even more frightening is the resulting fear and neglect of your health, which nibble away at our sanity like an internal enemy that is hard to kill. We are more likely to be consumed by our own fears before we are defeated by a virus.

So how do you combat this fear? In simple terms, keep positive and healthy.

Mentally, for example, you can see interesting videos posted by people who stay at home to entertain themselves on apps like Tiktok. They find all kinds of fun at home. Their positive emotions infected us, and full of positive energy wrapped us, which strengthened our confidence to beat COVID-19.

Physically, you can lift your small dumbbells and do some muscle massages at home. The dumbbell need not too much introduce. As for massage, I have a friend to recommend to me use massage gun. He used a TokFit T2 massage gun. I also tried to follow the trend, as expected the body relaxed a lot.

So, what’s so good about this massage gun? It works for all kinds of people, whether you’re used to staying indoors or you’re very muscular. It can give the best strike strength for you according to your endurance, 20 speeds from 1200rpm to 3300rpm, and stall force up to 80lbs. The best thing about it is that it’s so quiet. You can search for reviews of it on Youtube, a product you can trust to use at home during the outbreak.

In any case, during the outbreak, try your best not to go out, be responsible for yourself and our society.

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